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If you are a Military Veteran, Law Enforcement Officer or Private Security Officer with verifiable successful security experience we want to hear from you. 


We offer; Respect, great people to work with, opportunities to grow, above average wages, benefits and more.  Email your resume to:



Certifications and Training (Including Armed Security Officer Ceritfication and Expiration if Applicable)

I understand that employment with the company is at wilL The company or I can terminate this employment relationship at any time, or for any reason, with or without notice and with or without cause. I further understand that neither this application nor any other written or oral communication I may receive from the company nor any of its employees constitutes or creates a contract of employment.


I authorize the company or its agents to contact any or all of my former employers listed above and to inquire about my employment there. I release the company agents or any employer who is contacted from any liability arising out of such inquiry or the response to such inquiry.


I understand that as part of the employment application process that an investigative report may be made whereby information is obtained through third parties. I have the right to make a written request within a reasonable period of time for a complete disclosure of additional information concerning the nature and scope of the investigation.


I certify that the statements contained herein are true to the best of my knowledge and belief. I understand that if I am employed by the company, any false or misleading statement on this application or during the course of any employment interview may result in disciplinary actions up to and including immediate discharge.

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